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The Future of Maritime Education and Training
Final Conference on 20th May 2014 in Bremen, Germany

We will highlight the results of the KNOWME project, focused on topics such as the image of shipping, retention in the maritime industry, improving working and living conditionsfor seafarers, innovative maritime education and training policies and the future of maritime education and training. The remit of the conference will be inclusive of the academic and the industry perspective, and the views of a wide range of stakeholder groups will be represented. More


Go Maritime – The European Maritime Career Portal

The innovative portal for pupils, students, job beginners and young professionals who are interested in a career in the European Maritime Industry.
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Free Maritime E-courses Available

KNOWME has developed three e-courses free of costs: Cross-Cultural Training, Maritime Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Environmental Management.

  • Target groups: Potential and current workforce on board and onshore; employees in the maritime industry
  • Level: General
  • Workload: 45 hours for each course
  • Start: Anytime if you are online ;)

Interested? Read more about the e-courses at www.go-maritime.net/e-courses

The European Academic and Industrie Network

Knowledge and competence are vital resources for the European maritime transport sector that needs further development for meeting challenges from global competition and the necessity of creating local and global sustainable transport. This research project is concerned with the creation of a maritime industry knowledge network for raising the knowledge level of the sector’s human resources and improving its image and marketability among key decision-makers, the labour market, and the public. More